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Noheyo: information on José's comeback single

José Hoebee has often been nicknamed the "Dutch cover queen" as her repertoire consists of a majority of cover versions of American pop classics ("I Will Follow Him", "Secret Love", "I Can Hear Music", "So Long, Marianne", "Be My Baby"...). 

Her new single "Noheyo" is cover version of a Polish song originally performed by pop band Blue Café which represented Poland at the 2004 Eurovision Song Contest. The original track is spelled "Noheo" and was #1 on the Polish airplay charts in 2011. It was written by Paweł Rurak-Sokal, Anna Saraniecka and Dominika Gawęda.

Noheyo by Blue Café (Live, 2011)

Noheyo is a shining example of teamwork. The Dutch text was written by José's manager Dennis van Korven and producer Martin Sterken. The song was produced and recorded at Studio Martin Sterken. Jan de Vrieze played guitar and Cindy Oudshoorn (of progressive band "Kayak") provided background vocals. Noheyo also features a children's choir (with vocals by Lotus and Eliza). 

In addition to Dennis van Korven, Casper Janssen is in charge of the promotion of José's new project.

An important aspect of this project was of course the image of the singer. Herman Erik Kuiper supervised the photo shoot for the cover of the single. He was helped by make-up artist Mark Borgers and hairdresser Grzegorz Miara.

On June 12th, Noheyo was released as a digital single.


Source: José Hoebee's Facebook Page, Dennis van Korven, Martin Sterken, Wikipedia, YouTube....

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